Mann's unconscious.


I may be able to come to your office Monday afternoon.

They are afraid that nuclear war will break out.

How will Suresh feel about it?

Ragnar wasn't rich.

This soup smacks of fish.


There came to Japan a foreigner.

Can I eat this cake?

Don't you care what happens to Tollefsen?

The bus picked up the speed gradually.

How easy would it be to bore a tunnel through it?

We must do something for him.

Fame grows as it travels.

Stay in school.

I can't fix it. It'll have to be replaced.

Please don't leave valuable things here.

I miss Abraham's spirituality bookshop. It was so cozy with chairs with cushions.

Page doesn't want to be seen talking to Moran.

The christian festival of Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Lar knows that he'll be punished.

Do you understand what's happening here?


When he came home, I was watching TV.

At the bottom of the ocean, there are small underwater volcanoes spewing scalding hot water, gases, and chemicals like methane and ammonia. They're called hydrothermal vents.

Call me before you leave.

Say "aah."

It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.

Bush is not a liar.

Edmond and Donnie are playing tag.


We had a huge dinner.

He's kicked out.

I'm so happy you could make it.

I want to have a word with Christian.

The sponge takes in a lot of water.


We have our lives to live.


Do you know where the girl lives?


We don't have anything to eat.

I hate being a boss.

I can't promise Wes won't be back.

You just missed Penny.

Martyn paid for it all.

I heard you need help.

My ears are still ringing.


This time I'm paying.

They seldom, if ever, quarrel with each other.

Now I am too old to walk.

I got the tickets for free.

There is an urgent need for donations.

You'll learn a lot here.

No, you need not go right now.

Please dont ask foolish questions it is ridiculous.

I don't think, therefore I do not follow.

Autumn is just around the corner.

Work hard, or you will fail.

Do you guys use Facebook?

Life seems to have been a constant struggle for her ever since she left home.

Huey wakes an instant later to find herself lying on her back.

Rajendra isn't talented.

They missed us.

Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

I'd like to see the sixth movie of Harry Potter.

It is ten years since I came to live in Shizuoka.

I really see no reason to leave.

Not to brag, but I just made my first billion dollars yesterday.


The result is still in doubt.


She got all dolled up for her big date.


Johnnie is adventurous.

Didn't you read the story?

His theory is based on elaborate investigation.


Lonhyn started learning French when he was thirteen.


You can't yell at her.

Joshua speaks French better than any other person in our office.

Olson is still furious with Toft for his dog's death.


I live in Tehran.

Please remove the tartar from my teeth.

Please don't get me wrong.

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Which drama series do you like best?


I don't care that I don't have an opinion.

Lester has broken the record.

Did you really think that movie was funny?

You look beautiful. Wayne will be stunned when he sees you.

Not all policemen are brave.

I suppose you like it.

I live right up the road.

The Socialist Party only got 18% of the votes.

What did you want him to do?

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How many times a month do you write home?

Did you notify Novo?

I can relate with people from different nations and culture thanks to my foreign experience.

It's exhilarating.

She stretched the rope.


This is the supermarket where we usually do most of our shopping.


They have already killed the man who knew too much.

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Let's make believe we have one million yen hand.

She hardly ever sees him.

Maria has a lot of enemies.

Whenever I put my Wellington boots on, I like splashing into puddles.

I'd intended to have my homework finished by now.

We are looking for it.

She's doing it just to spite him.

Nobody answered the telephone.

This famous actress was also a fashion icon.

We're going to do it again.

I'll go next month.

You're not the only one.

Vishal is a cave diver.


The money amounts to almost two thousands dollars.

"Have you seen Carter?" "Not in the last few days."

You guys are really clueless.


Silence is golden, but not when trying to learn a foreign language.

He will pay for this.

This place isn't as safe as it used to be.

Although I graduated many years ago, I'll never forget any of the teachers who taught me.

People from Santiago aren't as kind as the rest of the Chileans.


I want something hot to drink.

The old man's anger melted.

This is a good spot.

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The heart itself is nothing more nor less than a large, tough, leather-like muscle.

You can't be too careful in situations like this.

Coffee and Pu-erh tea are elixirs of life.


Peter thinks that Malaclypse is beautiful.

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From early morning I had been oppressed by a strange melancholy.

It is silence that is valuable now.

You should have shown him the device.

Everybody knows that old trapper.

She tried not to shed a tear.

Kit doesn't know where Trying has gone.

That's not what it means.

Mehrdad knew that what he was doing was wrong.

He kept back the part about himself.

"Thank you for everything." "You're welcome."

Personal computers are very useful.


Rodney was dating a younger man.


Conrad doesn't live with his parents.


Izzy knew what Dannie would say.


Vaughn definitely didn't do that.

Are you still smarting over my remarks?

You may rely on it that Vistlik will be early.


Why do you consider that incident important?

Macedonia is called "Makedonija" in Macedonian.

Sam, this is gonna take you hours.

She testified that she saw the man.

I told you that I couldn't be trusted with secrets.


When her uncle died, Ray came into fortune.

Hitoshi says he's never too busy to listen.

After he stated his belief that prostitution was the oldest profession in the world, he refused to change his mind.

This is the view from the balcony.

Holy guacamole!

Laughing is the most effective antidote to bad temper.

I was the one who suggested it.

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He kept his hat on.

She was a sight when she didn't wear makeup.

I'll swim with them tomorrow.

English has become an international language.

He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.

Thanks to your advice, I got over the hardship.

I hope to attend.

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You'd better get Monica to his quarters.

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Where did you get that shirt?

Let's do this as quickly as possible.

As I walked, I read a book.

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I'm bored and don't know what to do.

He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

She grew up in a small town.