Jingbai told us what to do.

That caused my liver to fail.

That was a big accomplishment.

Did she laugh at you?


Our school beat Keio at baseball.

I arrived just when he was leaving.

I'm intrigued by what you say.

I found Griff's diary.

I really like him.

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Put it on my tab.

I appreciate your graciousness and efforts on my behalf.

You need not have called me.

Sid could only think of one thing he really wanted to do.

Don't bite off more than you can handle.

Do we have to tell them?

Peter wanted to become a doctor.


Perhaps we should do something about it.

Giovanni is a total phony.

I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.

Tad is radical, isn't he?

I thought about that.

Fish and even whales and seals feed on the krill.

He fell backward.


It seems interesting to me.


Lars doesn't think it'll rain tomorrow.

She was happy and sad all at once.

He entered up the sum in his account book.

Why can't I own Canadians?

War bankrupted the nation's resources and manpower.

Sanjay does look a lot like John.

I'm not the one doing the driving.

You know we don't need that.

Carlos kicked Kelly under the table.

Get out of the classroom.

I should've foreseen this.

Louie is a good kid.

I'm going to brush my teeth.

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Joon slid the key into the lock.

The vicar often refers to the Bible in his sermon.

Where can I get a telephone card?

Won't you go and see a baseball game with me?

You should ask her.


I hear a phone ringing.

Then, the electrician found a solution.

Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Erik didn't want to tell us how he and Sofia had met.

What do we owe Bea?


I don't like the poor, they think only of money.


Unfortunately, I have no proof for my suspicion.

Is snoring less likely if you sleep on your side?

The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991.

Could you explain how this machine works?

Why don't you ask Wilmer for help?

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Mac seems to have it in for me.

Kimmo has been reassigned.

Admission is $3.00 at the door.

His action sprang from prejudice.

Why is Ro going on a picnic with him?

Well I'll be!

Dale is getting married this fall.

It's cute, and more importantly, of good quality.

Sedat is pretty good at it.

Stay in your room until your father gets back!

She doesn't have any problem in life.


I feel abandoned by the only woman I love.


All Syd does is complain.

I'm afraid that's it.

That white building is a morgue.

Shouldn't you be helping them?

Evan owed Sid money.


In the United States, cars drive on the right side of the road.

Her hands were as cold as ice.

I'm just looking out for her.

The boy is a credit to our school.

I had problems solving that problem.


I think you're the one who needs help.

I don't plan on retiring yet.

Don't feel sad or ill at ease.

It's not backwards.

I can't speak English, much less German.

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I went too far.

Gregor shouldn't do that.

The house was deserted.

Don't tamper with anything else.

You're the only person I know who regularly gets my name wrong.

Tobias leaned forward and gave Bobbie a kiss on the cheek.

The Spanish voice-over was complete shit.


That's all he thinks about.

Earl won't survive much longer.

Ralf and Toerless weren't sure what to do.

Vance often downloads movies.

Jos can swim as fast as Eddie.

I've got to find out how to do this.

Ahmet likes singing in the shower.

I just wish I could be at home.

To do him justice, he is right in his opinion.

Would you tell them I'm ready?

We are carding the wool.

Russians are people of slave origin.

I ate durian for the first time.

No one came with me.

Your new dress really looks good on you.

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There isn't a scrap of food in the refrigerator.

The Indian girl in the film isn't a professional actress.

Did you really make this by yourself?

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She wants to be a tennis player when she grows up.

My friends betrayed me.

Stephan climbed the stairs.


Hotta said you were different.

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My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

Our city sits on an active fault.

"Don knows." "He does? Did you tell him?" "No, he found out by himself."


Barton wasn't able to help Cyrus.

Let me back in.

I'm going to give Herve a bath.

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We should have a conversation.

The Island of Taiwan's surface area is thirty-six thousand square kilometers.

We cannot live without air and water.

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Our business is expanding.


What tempted him to propose to her?

We must consider these matters as a whole.

Woody is a very talented singer.


I met my friends.

That's very thoughtful.

Sanford might as well go.

Why are people afraid of him?

How did you manage to escape?

We are thankful for your kindness.

How long will it last?

She has a crush on this boy.

Why is Linder blaming us?

Could you please wait just a moment for us? Then we'll go with you.

If I had something to say, I would've already said it.

You've left out a word in copying the textbook.

Everyone pointed at Ilya.

I cannot recruit a cleaner. I can clean my office by myself.

You could at least say "thank you".


Students often study with music playing in the background, and people working around the house will usually turn on the television or radio to keep them company.

I can play Chopin.

This Russian man has a large mustache.

Whether he is for it or not, we will not change our plans.

His house is near the subway station.

I already told Tor that.

But that's... downright disgusting. Why isn't anybody doing something against that?


Lois visited Raphael yesterday.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

Would you be so kind as to give me a glass of water?

I suggest you talk to Marty about Floria.

It doesn't sound like Bryan.

Moses lives in a bad neighborhood.

The virus cut down many elephants in Africa.

I think you're contradicting yourself.

Yes, it's pretty, but I don't like red.

I want to tell them.

Christopher's father died from karoshi five years ago.


Most children like to jump rope.


Kerry took off his gloves.


I need you right now.

The onus is on the teacher to make sure the student is actually learning something.

Send me some!

I won't give up.

The State of Texas is almost the same size as France.

The orchestra struck up nostalgic music.

Come on, we'll be late if you don't hurry up.

We play soccer every Saturday.

Takao hasn't learned his lesson.

I'm not sure you're going to understand this.

Julian didn't ask Masanao where she'd gone.

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My great-grandmother always says: "It's better to look after your own children than to watch other people's at the daycare."