Snakes are animals I don't like in the least.

It matters little to me who is elected.

He made five mistakes in as many lines.

I was all by myself.

A cup of hot soup relaxed me.

What did Barrio say he was doing?

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I happen to be a pretty good judge of character.

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There was no one there besides me.

Today is a working day.

I have no idea why Revised enjoys swimming so much.

I have some English books.

Would you like me to drive you back to your hotel?

You'd better go with me.

We fell into the hands of the enemy.

Laurianne and Loyd are on the balcony.

I've been to Boston once.


Amber preserves insects that get trapped in it.

"Here you are," the steward says.

I was surprised at you and your brother appearing on TV.


They've come to make trouble.

He is an old hand at that work.

I could help.

When was the last time you rode a bike?

I understand you!

Of all the men that I dislike, my husband is certainly the one that I prefer.

I shouldn't have gone anywhere.

You're stronger than Bret.

Are the windows all locked?

We cleaned our classroom yesterday.

I only met her three times.

Let's go somewhere nice for our wedding anniversary.

How's life?

I want to go to school and study hard.

Srinivas is looking forward to it.

Tell them for me, OK?

Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits.

Yes, she'll be with you in a minute.

You don't even know who your father is.

Give us a minute.

Florian is Valentin's former boyfriend.


What do they do there?

I fell asleep before the end of the movie.

Young children ought to learn empathy for animals.


I want to know where you were last night.

May the best man win.

I didn't get an email from my friend today.

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It's still snowing in Boston.

She has anxiety for your safety.

I need to speak to you now.

Dawson posted a lewd photo of himself on social media.

Participating in the general meeting raised my awareness of the new technologies in data transportation.

Sorry if it sounded like I was talking to you.

Why not just knock on the door?


He laid out this garden.


Many of our customers are in Australia.

The money is on the table.

It is a system of direct exchange of goods.

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Pria is my son's friend.

The teacher compared my poem with a fellow student's.

I'm seeing her again on Monday.


Everett told me he loves me.

I can't get Izzy to even talk to me.

Let's go to your apartment.

Jose went on talking.

Are you two going out together?

I was chosen for that.

These tales have been passed on from generation to generation.

Education aims to develop potential abilities.

Why are you doing it?


What department do you work for?

If I were you, I'd start immediately.

My pen must be looked for.

I didn't think that university would be so much fun.

Lincoln won the elections.


I told her what time to come.

The road is uphill all the way.

Gonzales offers a bike to all his employees in Europe.

As the first pack emerges, the spectators take pictures with their cameras and mobile phones.

She speaks relatively quickly.

Don't tell Hurf where you live.

Yamashita is stuck with no way out. His well-thought-out project was rejected and the books he worked really hard on aren't selling.

Charlie left everything to Sue in his will.

If you are not in a hurry, please stay a little longer.


Have a lovely day!


Don't do two things at a time.


Are you going down?

We wouldn't want somebody to get the wrong idea.

It was a most beautiful flower.

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I keep repeating the same thing.

If I could have understood what Rob meant, I wouldn't have made this mistake.

It is I who am head of this family.

You should make allowances for her age.

Did Lenora go home?

These cookies are absolutely delicious.

I know next to nothing.

How much money did you bring with you?

This plant has some burned leaves.

Put your sunglasses on.

You will have to go without her.

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The rain shows no sign of stopping.


Even a child can do such a thing.

Laurent seemed to be telling the truth.

How could this happen? I thought you were on the pill.

For when a woman is left too much alone, sooner or later she begins to think;- And no man knows what then she may discover.

There is an enormous cross above the Valley of the Fallen.

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The new style seems to have caught on this year.

When you surf the web, you may be tracked by websites.

Something's always wrong.

The gardener planted a rose tree in the middle of the garden.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late for lunch.

I think Roland is going to be fine.

Mat doesn't like it when he doesn't have enough money.


You think I'm an idiot?

It is warmer today than yesterday.

My car wasn't good enough.

I see no reason to continue this discussion.

Take your hat off when you enter a house of worship.

They looked at me somehow strangely.

Can you give this to us?

Amir has just left home.

You've been very clear about that.

I think the prices in this store are way too high.

If there is any left, give me some.


I want to grow good vegetables, rice, fruit and so on.

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I'll marry you if you change your hair color.

How do you know how heavy it is?

Mr Hashimoto is known to everyone.

You're both fired.

What did I do with my keys?

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Rajendra isn't mad at us.

Urs taught me to sing.

He tried in vain to quit smoking.


She began to sing.


Use the front door.

You've had enough of this riff-raff? Well, we'll help you get rid of it.

Sharing is important.


John alone went there.

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I want all the information about the situation you can gather.

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Ruth said he couldn't wait.

I would like to talk to you the day after tomorrow.

Just because you're my girlfriend doesn't mean I have to agree with you.

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Valerie's plan is perfect.

You must go out of the room.

He brought his lunch today.


Wow, your neighbour is an anatomic bomb!

Have you shown Lyndon the new book you bought?

We agreed to help them.

A dead leaf fell to the ground.

I don't think it's always right for local governments to submit to the central government.

I'm tired of everything.

This is the place where my father was born.

Have you heard the news?

I want to speak now.

I don't know whether to be happy or not.

She directed her whole energy to the task.

What do you think of my new hat?

Rules are made for fools to follow and for wise men to use as a guideline.

Illness prevented me from going abroad.

He is a good doctor.

Daniel has tattoos all over his body.

Sometimes the Allies could not avoid battle.

Why are you constantly changing flags?

He looked for every possible means of escape.

I can't look at him.

There's a fire in my kitchen.

Ralph is from a little farming town up north.

Let me think about it.


The boy actually was going to do it.