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Hurry up and go to bed.

My aunt wears glasses when she reads the papers.

She made spaghetti.

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I too have been to New York.

Rex let out a few words in French.

Three nurses attended the dying minister night and day.

He drives a car, right?

He stayed here for a short time.

She altered her plans.

You have to buy this too!

I was jealous of you.

The company is managed by my elder brother.


We happened to be in Hokkaido then.

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He denies even the sun in the sky.

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That's not the reason why I said the job wasn't easy.


I'd like to be self-employed.


I'm watching your behaviour and don't even know what to think.


Do you want us to leave the room?

I am not going to take this lying down.

There is a mistake in the bill.


I figured you might know why Joel left early.

After eating the ice cream, my stomach began to hurt.

I couldn't say.

We had to yield to their request.

Right after the accident, I was in a state of shock.

Your brother will not buy it.

Such thing can't be true.


I owe a lot of money.

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Well someone has to be good.

At the beginning, I was bored with radio gymnastics, but now I do not dislike it.

The war had entered its final stage.


We got an offer.

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The only guy who could've told us has died.

I had completely forgotten about that.

I thought we'd be more comfortable here.

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They do like you.

Dan asked fellow inmate Matt to supply him with a fork.

Not all philosophers consider the endlessness of the Universe to be true.

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I like Hokkaido.

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My son has gotten quite good at conjuring up excuses for not going to school.

Bobbie came into the living room, not wearing any pants.

I wish I were in Boston now.

Gene has really helped us.

Shean is an Egyptologist.

I must get my hair cut.

The man ate bread.

Charley had his shirt tucked in, but John had his shirttail out.

While I was waiting for the bus, I witnessed a traffic accident.

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It was striking to the children that the grandfather sometimes picked his nose.

He might be able to help me.

Ahmet will be busy at this time tomorrow.

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

They posed for a picture in front of the castle.

The Mayas made their balls out of rubber.

She doesn't seem to care.

You can't really blame Vern for that.

Yeah, she must be the sure thing!

She's my great-grandmother.

Is he married or single?

I didn't flunk.

I try to avoid going into the woods after dark.

Read me more.

The pen which I lost yesterday was a new one.

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The boxer finally recovered consciousness, ten minutes after he had been knocked out.

He'll be back home tomorrow.

Call Clare and tell him to come here.

Tiefenthal encouraged Darrell.

I just gave Vicky 30 dollars.


I told Sassan you went home sick.


Remember to mail the letter.


Although many pay lip service to the idea of affirmative action, in reality, very few minorities get hired.

They simply can't just take the risk.

I need 100 shekels.

I suggest that he come to Poland a bit earlier.

I knew you two would like each other.

This is incredible.

Fill the bottle with water.

Can you keep an eye on them?

The girl goes to school.

Did you turn the stove off?

I want you to redirect the output of this command into that file.


Tell us about that.


They have nowhere else to go.

You close your eyes.

There are big differences in broadband speed and quality from country to country.

Elsa tried to assist Jennifer.

It rarely snows in this area.

You'll have to wait.

My uncle guaranteed my debts.

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I think that's great.

Marty said he thought he could lend Vernon some money.

The front wheel plays an important role in two-wheeled vehicles moving without falling over.

She doesn't seem to know what to do with her leisure time.

I wish I had a house of my own.

What is there to see in Nantes for a tourist?

Jerrie usually has a glass of wine before dinner to whet his appetite.


I don't hate my brother.

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Is there a lot of flowers in this garden?

They are so tired that they cannot study.

My infancy was more than happy.

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What was all that about?

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George grabbed a letter opener off his desk.

Knut told us to stop talking.

I don't have classes today.

You will never enter heaven unless you give up all your riches, position, and earthly ties.

Izumi could barely talk.

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You're doing a great job.

I'll be at home in the morning.

Ralph doesn't have to worry about money.

I think we need to protect human rights.

I know all of you have doubts about me.


A permanent costs extra.

That was lamentable.

We came to see you.


That's something that isn't possible.

Can't we just agree to disagree?

I'll always be here.

Who gave you your nickname?

It's best not to ask.

Can you take us to Shadow right now?

My friend Kei is beautiful, but she is not considerate to others.

In the matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker.

Serdar pretended to know nothing about it.

I often stumble over something as I am blind as a bat in the dark.

They have many friends.

What is really going on between Jordan and Hans?

Let's watch TV.

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He struck a match and lit the candles.

Karl and I are both very happy.

They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.

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I never dreamed that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

Suresh got sick because he ate too much.

He pressed his ear against the wall.

I believe that Kylo expects too much from us.

This is hard for me to believe.

Claudia is not like the other boys.

By the way, next week will be our university graduation ceremony.

Marnix wants to see that.

Do you want me to do it again?

Please come. I'm anxious to see you.

We will teach him to read and write.


He is American to the soles of his feet.

Margaret isn't going back with you.

Spiders are loathsome little creatures.

Erwin and Malaclypse have everything they need.

I gave it to Knudsen yesterday.

In the strict sense of the term, a true democracy has never existed, and never will exist. It is against natural order that the great number should govern and that the few should be governed.

He'll confess, sooner or later.

You're right in a sense.

He resolved to do better work in the future.

Sofia is planning a trip.

Naomi is the most diligent student in his class.

Once across the river, you are safe.

It's dangerous to swim here.


Can you identify that?

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I am anxious about the future.

Let's start at the third lesson.

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.


James appears unconscious.

Tell Tao to show up.

I'm sure we'll be safe here.

She did the unthinkable.

We're finally getting somewhere.