I just wish I had fired Terri sooner.

Laurie has to give Edgar something.

You brought nothing out.

I am crazy about golf.


I don't want to sleep with just anybody anymore.

Is she your only daughter?

We went dancing.


We don't know anything about him.

Waiting for a bus, I met my friend.

Rogue promised me that he'd clean my room.

He is older than the boy who is over there.

Did you have lunch after me?

He died in the bed.

Kolkka wants someone to help him.


My mother made up her face before she went out.


Could it be a virus?

I felt somebody patting on my shoulder from behind.

This old building isn't worth fixing up. It would be better to tear it down.

Are you saying Triantaphyllos was one of them?

It's not true.

Oh, I found it, nevermind.

When the concrete is hard, we use an electric drill instead of a pin chisel.

Randolph took a sip from his coffee mug.

She asked him to open the window.

In judging his work, you should make allowances for his lack of experience.

Could you heat this dish?

Dwayne is more popular than me.

Tell me what you're going to do.

I feel your pain, buddy.

My van doesn't have a back seat.


There is no man but desires peace.

Ted didn't speak to me at all.

Please explain it.

This is extremely hard for Herb.

James is really busy.

They had nothing to eat.

Vickie searched every nook and cranny of the house looking for his wallet.


He just loves to bully people.

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Saify said he would be here.

My microwave is acting up. I think I'd rather get a new one than repair this one.

It's a waste of time to do that.

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You have to stay in bed until next Monday.

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The train leaves at six.

I met his father on the street.

What did you just say to her?

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Irwin is the only professional musician I know.


Neil doesn't know what's really going on.

It's like the world has already ended and we're all in Hell but haven't noticed yet.

Tracy really looks pretty.

We don't mean any disrespect.

Dawn held up the bottle to see how much wine was left.

I want you out of my house.

We're energetic.


His absence was due to the storm.


I haven't talked to Daryl about this yet.


Let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

Shepard became an admiral in the United States Navy, the first astronaut to ever achieve such a rank.

Randall desperately tried to save her on-off relationship with Andrea.

One plus two equals three.

Brian didn't want to answer that question.


Please come into the room one by one.

A politician always forgets.

My mother was an alcoholic.

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A museum is a great place to find a date.

I quickly adapted myself to my new school.

Why would anyone want to do that?


Summer is almost over.

The hunter cannot exist without the hunted.

I'm going to chop this tree down.

Football is more popular than tennis.

Did Aimee get the briefcase?


Let's do it at our own pace without hurrying.

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I have more than enough to live on.

Mario paused a second.

Having a slight headache, I went to bed early.

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The problem here isn't you.

Those people will be held to account for their actions.

You're not allowed to smile either.

That'd be perfect.

Nevertheless I think the experiment was successful.

The speech was greeted by loud cheers.

Whenever I find a new word or meaning, I write it down in this list.

The Vice-President talked at the meeting in place of the President.

Caleb crouched down next to Sue behind the car.

Did you have any warning that this could happen?

Hartmann refused to lend me any money.

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I don't remember seeing Frank on the bus.

I'd very much like to know your opinion.

The words covered are steadily increasing, so check frequently.

I want to do something of lasting value for humanity.

In the mountains it is not until the end of April that the snow disappears completely from the ground.

Everyone laughed except Roxie.

I planned a party for Alexander.

Coffee is one of the staples of Brazil.

Tell me what to do here.

Are they treated fairly?

Thank you all for the congratulations!

Take care of your health.

Shall I close the door?

I will look it up in the dictionary.

Try some.

Do you have any children you haven't told me about?

You're a very perceptive person.

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I just got a letter from my girl.

Major got mercury poisoning from eating canned tuna every day.

It's double Dutch to me.

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Without health, we can not hope for success.

I am looking at the map.

Hsi fired his revolver at the man who had just killed Clara.

Knowing a language fully means knowing fully the people who speak that language.

You don't know how right you are.


I am very much attached to this old straw hat.

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Never talk to strangers.

I have to start over.

I like to eat apples.

That would be suicidal.

They're all nuts.

Vehicle waiting will be prosecuted without warning

For the record, I'm not at all interested.

Tharen is not overly friendly.

Why didn't you make her stop?

I never said you were lying.

Robbin tried to pry open the box with a crowbar.

You may want to get some rest.

He couldn't suffer the slightest disobedience in his men.

I found out where she was.

Woody could use some sleep.

We have to go somewhere.

I can see a ship on the horizon.

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There's an exhibition of ancient weapons at the museum.

He seems to be having trouble breathing.

Let's go back inside.


You can't say no to Toufic, can you?


Today's movie is The Sound of Music.

Rakhal promised Jayant he'd help John.

Maybe that's not the problem.


The children trampled on the grass and the guard scolded them.

Tomas called me last night.

No doubt you will be able to pass the examination.


It's not my business.

I miss my mom and dad.

How many hours are you going to sit in front of the TV?

We can try harder.

Please correct the following sentence.

Wine is poetry put into a bottle.

I bet I finish first.

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Don't make me wait.

You forgot to thank Ian for the present, didn't you?

We're meeting Tiefenthal in three hours.

Okay, I will keep your advice in mind.

She tried to get a tent at the shop, but she could not find the one she wanted.

Everybody likes her.

She is drinking tea.


I can go a couple of days without eating if I have to.

I think you need to leave now.

We can't trust him because he often tells lies.


You are used to sleeping in a tent.

What little free time he had was spent with the family.

He had served as a congressman and senator.


When Einstein said, "Things should be as simple as possible--but no simpler," he meant "Simpler is better--but only to the edge of simplistic."

Tell her that I am doing shopping.

It took him three years to write the novel.

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They say they've already paid.

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You've underestimated us.