I trust my enemies more than my friends.

We got to the top of Osaka Tower.


Alf is a hipster.

As Beth wiped tears from her face, she rushed home.

I've been hunting with them.

Got to go now.

Be relaxed and put the other person at ease.

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Well, here we are at last.

Jana is a computer programmer.

Dale fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

The boy likes to walk in the city.

Tell him I had to leave.


Why don't you try minding your own business?

Wait for me in front of the house.

What is the most popular play now?

Nick is by no means sure of winning the election.

I wish I hadn't spent all my money.

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I haven't bought any furniture yet.

Shankar doesn't want Sjaak to go.

Grace is doing great in school.

Is she nice?

It is fashionable to have leather chairs.

Let me take you to someplace where you'll be safe.

I guess you didn't quite understand me.

Give them a couple of minutes.

Did I mention that before?

Be home by half past six.

One must not confuse homomorphism with homeomorphism.

You're almost done.

It was Matthew who washed your car.


So what? It doesn't matter to me.


If you have a lot of money, you will become afraid.

I got drunk last night and did something stupid.

Fletcher said he didn't want anything.

I'm surprised you don't agree.

Hohn still didn't speak.

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Kazuhiro knew it could be too late.

I saw you with a tall boy.

He rose from the dead, so to speak.

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I'm not used to getting up early.

This typewriter has seen plenty of use.

I haven't been sleeping much.

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I simply haven't the time to do everything I want to do.

Why did you ask her to give you her picture?

Where God seems very close, the Devil is never far away.

Wan is prettier than her younger sister.

If I'd only taken the time to read the instruction manual!

Johan introduced his sister to me.

When I return from vacation, I shall have to catch up with a lot of work.

Heinrich may come tomorrow morning.

How does Drew do that?

It is doubtful whether he will pass.

To give millions a knowledge of English is to enslave them.

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Let's call for the ambulance.

The students bothered the teacher with silly questions.

The boy could not so much as write his own name.

Wolf couldn't persuade Rahul to accept the money.

Lana's eyes lit up.

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Stay with Jurevis now.

Guys are stupid.

He failed to pass his driving test.


Don't ride the brake, Rebecca.

You always were an optimist.

Brooke isn't alone anymore.

Maria has four brothers.

I told you to make the deal.

I'll call you on Monday.

You made a wise decision.


She knows everything about cooking.

Sanche received a brutal beating from his father.

The night was an utter disaster.

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He confessed his love for her.

I always thought Eliot was raised by wolves.

Hit the ground running.

I told Mickey that Lee was mad at him.

She looked at the sky.

Darrell says Marc keeps hanging up on him.

I don't want to hear about what Thuan did this morning.

Find someone who respects you.

It's dry as dust.

I'll help you escape.

We still need to talk to Bill.


How did you get tickets for the concert?

I wasn't the only one who didn't eat breakfast.

Shari couldn't talk to Antonio.


The snow was so thick we couldn't see in front of us.

Have you heard from him since he left for America?

The family received discouraging news from the doctor about Lila's health.

A sunny weekend is perfect for a mountain getaway.

Yeah, I just stepped on your foot. What are you going to do about it?


Danielle looks half his age.

It's been a long time since I've eaten Chinese food.

How do I get there?

Don't climb on this!

Did you make this?


It's my fault.

Stephanie offered me a job.

He is longing for city life.

How long are you going to do this?

I'm sure Juri doesn't want to study French.


Fred told his wife about the goals that he wanted to accomplish.

What are those for?

The car he's driving is not his.

I meant the opposite.

You can do much better.

I don't need it anymore.

When did you last wipe someone's tears away?

You might want to go with me.

The fact is that I've spent all the money.


How did you know I like Raif?

Derek said it was up to us.

They'll believe anything.


She laid claim to the castle.

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It sounds like Kent is in trouble.


I gave Kinch a sedative.

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Irfan made me promise not to tell Jackye about what happened.

Who taught you how to do that?

I don't think Brodie is completely blameless for what happened. I think that he may even be the leader of the gang.

I competed with him for the championship.

That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust what others (think) of you more than what you (think) of yourself.

What an incredible statement that is.

Is that what Renu suggested you should do?

The room was full of people.

Do you want a tray with that?

Your shirt button is about to fall off.

I motivated you.

I don't want to watch TV.


Marie bought several breads.

You need a key to open the box.

It's dangerous to go outside right now.

The head is the seat of all the senses.

They always associated a heavy rain with flood.

The family members sat around the table.

Please slow down when getting close to the intersection.


What makes you think they know who you are?

Debbie told Slartibartfast to hurry up.

Where was Pamela found?

She was alone in the house.

He has blond hair.


She spoke out strongly against cruelty to animals.

She smoothed her hair.

I think I must be leaving since it is getting late.


They built their empire in Peru about five hundred years ago.

I know it'll be a great game.

Do you have a twin sister?


Sandy filled a cup with water.


She told me that she bought a CD.

I'll go home.

I thought Shuvra would be asleep by now.

So what are the implications?

I will never forget this night!

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I bet they really miss you there.


You've got to warn him.

I know somebody who can help us.

I can't believe I'm stuck here in this room with you.

She talked as she walked.

Something is odd here.

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We lost our cat and Norma found it for us.

Eugene nodded toward the door.

I don't expect them to support my view.

You're doing fine.

Inter-family is more likely than intra-family conflict to result in violence. Or is it?

Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.

The story has come down through many years.

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My son is tired of hamburgers.