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Free BitMinutes Transfer & Guaranteed $5 Loans backed by Prepaid Minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary goal of BitMinutes?
To provide access to key financial services for over 2 billion underbanked consumers globally.
What is the value for retail merchants and agents to become involved with BitMinutes?
With BitMinutes, retailers have several ways to make money. They can sell BitMinutes just like regular prepaid minutes. Or they can lend BitMinutes. Because BitMinutes are an asset-backed token, they can be used as collateral for microloans. All we require from the consumer is to buy BitMinutes which are used as the loan collateral. We will lend $5 to anyone with a valid ID. We believe this will drive significant traffic to the retailers and give them an ongoing revenue stream from participating in the interest paid on the loans.
What is the benefit to the consumer?
BitMinutes enable consumers in 3 critical ways:
  • Lending - get loans they need to manage their cash flow, and start and grow businesses.
  • Money Transfer - send and receive funds between any two entities; remittances and payments capabilities are the life blood for healthy local economies.
  • Prepaid Airtime - billions of consumers need to top up their prepaid phones to communicate for personal and business purposes on a daily basis
How can I buy BitMinutes?
You can buy BMTs using Bitcoin, Ether or USD by bank check or bank wire. Click the link at the top of the page "BUY BITMINUTES".
How can I exchange my BitMinutes?
BitMinutes can be converted via virtual currency exchanges for Bitcoin and Ether, which can then be converted to cash. Additionally, BitMinutes will offer cash out services via the P2P Cash global distribution network in 2018.


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