This was harder than I thought it would be.

The programming language Java is highly versatile.


Do you really think you need one of those?

This is a rather unusual request.

The suspect is a black male.


I thought it strange that he should be up so late.

How am I supposed to eat?

She will probably go to the park tomorrow.

I finally got a job.

I think this what happens now in South Africa is not what Nelson Mandela wanted.

Let's hope Earl doesn't come.

Did Griff leave something here for me?

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Is Sangho your son?

He was trying to destroy evidence.

This is your own doing.

I thought Amy would be the crazy one.

All I can do is to give her advice.

Tanaka is in some sort of coma.

The railroad provoked a kind of revolution.

It happened faster than I had expected.

The mother was still grieving over her child's death.


The shop had sold out its stock of that magazine.

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He was that angry.

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Root is giving up.

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They owned the lot between them.

I was going to do it anyway.

I love autumn.

We came to the town, where we stayed for a week.

Karl's reply didn't surprise anyone.

Do you like Indian food?

Marc came to talk to me yesterday afternoon.

Mitchell's paintings were so chaotic and abstract that they tended to bewilder viewers.

The streets are in full Christmas mode - it's almost Christmas Eve.

Pam's dying for that apple.

He asked after you last night.


I'll call you as soon as I know.

He got what he wanted.

I was serious when I said I love you.

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I met a student from America yesterday.


I know that you're the editor of a popular scientific magazine.

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He often tries to get rich at a single bound.


Shut up and let me think.

My father insisted I should go to see the place.

I want this suit cleaned.

Believing in God is not evil in itself.

Shankar drives to school.

Martyn looks really worried.

Huh? What is this? They're not going to use my proposal?

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It's a self-driving vehicle.

Apart from my sister, my family doesn't watch TV.

I'm willing to pay whatever's necessary.

Did you get a good look at her?

It seems impossible that you're that old.


I don't think that'll be possible at all.

She succeeded in opening the box.

His wife goes with him wherever he goes.


Yes, well, that depends.


We'll try to help out.


We've humiliated Terrance.

The weather report is defective.

The problem is them.

I bet I get there before you.

Kim flashed his headlights.

I'm dreaming. When I open my eyes, the funny man in the turban will be gone, and I'll be at my desk waiting for a new case.

There's nothing I can do to dissuade him.

Don't let Donal run away.

I had no idea this was going to happen.

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How can you be so cynical?

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Do you think Thierry will be convicted?

We are going to visit Versailles.

Sedovic and Eduardo both graduated from the same university.

Japan does a lot of trade with Canada.

Joe clobbered Shaw with a skillet.

It's a computer.

I hear you very well.


Is it all right to take pictures in this building?

The whole world understands my language.

He came back soon.


Let's get this done, so we can go home.

You're one of the most interesting women I've ever met!

It was truly a miracle.

Raghu has already started.

He sat up late at night.

We'll meet at 3:00 p.m.

Kerry's on TV!

I was burnt by the iron.

I always made my mother proud.

Marty put some roasted pecans into her salad.

Their job is to calculate salaries.

Put the ladder against the wall.

Why the big hurry?

The girl's eyes were filled with tears.

Australia exports a lot of wool.

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Competition in the domestic market is cutthroat.

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You won't believe who called me today.

I cannot see the stars. It's cloudy.

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

Marnix will be gone by the end of the week.

It's about time I was going home.

You should slow down when you approach a four-way intersection.

They put up with muscle pain.

I know what the children are looking at.

We have a lot to talk about right now.

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What in the world are they saying?!

Am I included?

What connection could there be?


Jwahar isn't like that.


Every insult was put on him.


I'd definitely like to see Horst again.

Jimmy had only one chance to get things right.

Reporters do not hesitate to intrude into people's privacy.


Part wrote about his experience.

This is much the best.

That's my girlfriend you're talking to.

How do you plan to handle this problem?

My shirt isn't dry yet.

Have you ever been to Italy before?

Wear torn clothes if you must, but be independent.

I figured you wouldn't want Gypsy to know about this.

What were the contents of the letter?

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I offered to help her move.

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He's next to her.


Ricky is a materialist.

Let's take a walk along the river.

Rees doesn't know the answer.


I thought you were a decent young woman.

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Don't criticize him in public.

You'd better sit here.

I lent Jose a book about Germany.

Cris is our son.

I thought it was really bad.

I'm considering studying in the United States next year.

Are your bags packed?

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We're worried about you.

Anita is close to thirty.

We need to buy some dog food.

If you work hard, you'll pass your exam.

You can do whatever you want.

Don't talk to them about this.

Jong tried a coat on.

Did you really tell them that?

Never again did I see you.


Some of the 2016 Olympic events will be held in a neighborhood called Deodoro.

May I use this pencil?

You're in no position to bargain.


Give me the ball!


We were really good.


I'm from the same town as her.

I'm a little bit tired today.

You wear expensive earrings.


I've only used it once.


That's not what you said last night.

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I laughed very hard when I saw that.


He's got a thick beard.

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I'm sure we can find something in the kitchen to eat.

You came at just the right time.

I haven't slept in days.