I didn't tell you to take a bribe.

It's quite possible that Tomas won't help us at all.

You cook turkey with pears.

Give me my cane.

He's pretty cute.

I have several caps.

Don't worry about such a silly thing.

His success is contingent upon his efforts.

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It was very ugly.


Your strategy was good.

What a wonderful family!

Both Canada and Mexico border on the United States.

Gregory has lost control.

We already ate.


I thought I was going to kill myself.

Travis used to play volleyball with us.

Ellen blamed Jack for leaving their children unattended.

Investigators are running a probe into what caused the crash.

Come in.

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He always mistakes me for my sister.

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I love this company.


You're like family.

Hugh said Roman had a bad attitude.

Bucky has started making mistakes.


How many unemployed are there in the world?

I remember last summer's adventure.

That's Piercarlo, my teddy-bear.

Since I became relatively unconcerned about hurting other people's feelings, sending an email has also become easier.

"Liberty, equality, fraternity" is a French motto.


I didn't know you could cook so well, Lord.


Politics is the art of perception.

Things were different in those days.

Let's try to be the first ones there.

I should be here all afternoon.

Jordan told me what you said about me.


The year after the first meeting, George and Dawson were married.

The soap irritated my eyes.

Napoleon needed money for a war with Britain.

I don't feel well. Could you give me some medicine?

I'm sure you're doing your best.


When a new flu infects one human being, all are at risk.

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Panos isn't going to die.

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You are the man behind the curtain.

Brandi lives in the apartment above Peggy.

I'm sure Lum is aware of what happened.

Ken is a fitness expert.

I don't want to remember.

You are rich indeed, but I doubt that you are happy.

I'm doing great.

She has even teeth.

Taxis stood in a rank in front of the station.

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There remain only two weeks till Christmas.


Herve was offered a good job.

I don't like snack bars. They're expensive, noisy, and full of the smell of tobacco and fried food.

Erick let this golden opportunity go by.


He comes from France.

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Heather is a 33-year-old man.

How did it all come about?

We're on your side.


I hope it's safe.


It's my turn to do laundry.


He always puts his arm around me.

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The girl who sings there is my sister.

Day in and day out, he does nothing but tend his sheep.

I am mooing like a cow.

I'll ride shotgun.

Jordan didn't even look up.


How did you find the keys?


Why don't you wait here while I finish what I'm doing?

Niels worked overtime.

It was a decent performance.

I'm eating an apple.

He has wine.

Gunter is looking around.

The kids are at school.

Meehan passed away yesterday.

I won't do that unless you want me to.


Reinhard has been there three years.

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The door was broken open.


That will be funny.

Russia will be controlled by motorcyclists!

If you lend your money to your friend, you will lose your money and your friend.

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So I'm not the only one who had this problem.

I don't know what I'm going to do next.

I could go to school today.


Shadow took another sip.

George plans to live in Boston for more than a year.

He headed for the door at full speed.


I'm going to buy him something.


Did you see the UFO?

I didn't even know Manolis and Srivatsan used to be married to each other.

I've made that same mistake myself.

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They scorned the liar.

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Daren couldn't find a fire extinguisher.

Ramiro applied for a job as a saleswoman.

How beautiful a sunrise is!

It's normal to be scared.

We need a place to stay tonight.

Paola knows what Lyndon is going to do.

Do you have any idea why Susanne did what he did?

What hotel will you be staying at?

He is less patient than his brother.

A serious linguistic institution won't ever censure a translation, it does not matter how dirty or rude it feels when reading it.

I bought a red sports car.

All beginnings are difficult.

I can't tell you when Sigurd will get here.

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I knew it would be hard.

He is intolerant of opposition.

I'll tell Tal this afternoon.

What's your favorite nursery rhyme?

Soldiers guard the place day and night.

Can you play the violin?

I paid 3 dollars for the book.

What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?

It's a bit cold, but it probably isn't worth putting the heater on yet.

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Swimming is one thing I enjoy.

We know you're the thief.

I forgot to tell Cary what he was supposed to do.

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The entire crew takes pride in its work.

All my friends can speak French.

My daughter is barely fifteen.

How long ago did Rex move to Boston?

I cannot say.


Marcia is putting stuff in his backpack.

Juri just started a folk dancing class.

Are you being served?


I wanted to watch that movie with you.

I don't care if I live or die.

It takes more than a day to master a trade.

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Terrence's very lazy.

It's late and I'll have to be getting along.

I understand him to be happy.

There's no doubt that he's self-centred.

He had blue eyes.


Saint Augustine's "Confessions" tells a timeless tale of intellectual search ending in orthodoxy.

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The pidgin has no native speakers.


I am going to stop her ever doing that again.

Send the telegram at once.

It's always difficult to start a letter.

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They have two dictionaries.

Do I have to change?

George had a lot of cheese for breakfast.

I prefer speaking French with a native speaker.

Slavery is a crime against humanity.


I'm eating roasted peanuts.

The rain shows no sign of stopping.

A lost child was sobbing at the police box.

Whatever must happen, will happen.

Marlena has his own life to live.

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

I'm not waiting for you.

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The naive man was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

We will follow your demands and make the necessary corrections to those parts that need them.

What else have you lied to me about?

I know you would do the same for me.

We'll probably have to help Jess tomorrow.