You fought back.

I didn't know that you could drive.


She suddenly burst in on our conversation.


This is the coffee shop I first met my wife in.

No one received enough votes to win the nomination.

What the hell's wrong with you?


You must not enter the room.

"We'd like a beer." "Just one beer?"

This offer is not subject to the usual discounts.

We couldn't help him any more.

That sounds very important.


Raif begged Jinchao not to leave her.


Owen was injured in an accident, so he couldn't walk very well.

The children love listening to stories.

I like to peel apples.

Currently, my sister is working as a saleswoman in the supermarket.

Jisheng said that he didn't want to eat dinner tonight.

She worries that she might be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

We should wait here for the moment.


My grandfather used to make his own furniture.

There's no escape for her.

We couldn't hear what Christian was saying.

You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The car is old but good.


Hadn't you spoken English?

Did you register your product?

We like to eat out.

And I'm in Lvov now!

Good advice can't be followed if it isn't understood.

I can't just not do anything.

Do you think people will make fun of me?


Four plus eighteen is twenty-two.

King jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.

Tests start next week.


I'm not fat.

Hwa began to feel afraid.

She is doing her hair simply.

You will soon get well.

Lana's landlord changed the locks.


When I got out of bed this morning, I had a headache.

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He flipped the switch and threw the room into brightness.

They saw an authoriy in him.

It'll just take some time.


Yesterday it was a butcher shop.

Are there any good films on this week?

Rich people aren't always happy.

I am silent.

The tension on the day of the match made me greet the morning without even sleeping a wink.

There haven't been any problems so far.

We left the final decision to him.

They say this is one of the best books, if not the best.

I'm on medication.


Salvation from this misery is inconceivable.

You don't know how much I love you.

He is so old that he can go to school.

Your dog may be really depressed.

I'd like to have my hair trimmed.


I want to know about her.


Russian is very difficult to learn.

All this talk about theft has primed me to look at anyone as a potential pickpocket.

She studied Chinese in order to translate her books into this language.

June used to spend a lot of time with his grandparents.

Morgan leaned toward Pravin and whispered something.

Sridharan doesn't want to try anything else.

He fell asleep behind the wheel and had an accident.

Sidney and Brendan were plotting to kill Rod's father for the life insurance.

Who's been keeping count?

Her mum doesn't make delicious cakes.

The sun is a star.

I'm only trying to help you.

Swamy usually has a few glasses of wine while cooking dinner.

Take this piece of rubber hose.

I saw my name on the list.

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A child was born to them.

Stay where you are until I give you a sign.

This is same type of camera as the one I lost.

All members need to observe these rules.

They made their way toward the town.

Page suggested it.

Bill, Bill! How do you feel?

The baby needs its mother.

I'll go anywhere with you.

Spock is an amazing songwriter.

Isn't it funny?

Are you homeless?

Why on earth would I do that?

That toilet brush belongs in the bathroom, not in the kitchen.

I like the way Ted talks.

Ti said you spoke French.

She may have been surprised when she heard the news.


It only took me an hour.

Does Benson have a license?

He built castles in the air all day.

I wish that she would stop smoking.

You're starting to get on my tits.

Give me a hand here, will you?

Could we speak to Harry?

There's a slim chance that Lorraine will be late.

Nothing would've made me happier.

Water changes into steam.

He is very honest in business.


I will call you when I have done my shopping.

Hold on to the strap. The train will start to move soon.

What were you told?


I need a place to stay.

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I want you to remember exactly what you said to Sherman.

Andre's foot was once crushed by a woman wearing high heels in the train.

I'm on my own.

Clark has been to this park with Hiroyuki at least a dozen times.

I'm prepared for the entrance examination.

I think this is a good project.

I'll recommend him as chairman, whether you are in favour of it or not.

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I need to make some changes.

Carter asked Clara what was wrong.

She often paints landscapes.

There's been a misunderstanding.

This word is difficult to translate.

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Kees walked away from the accident unhurt.

You've got to tell Sunil he needs to be here at 2:30.

There are gorgeous flowers in the garden.

You're way smarter than me.

Were I in your position, I would do it at once.


I suppose that's a possibility.

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England is synonymous with football, fish & chips, and the Queen.

They don't want you to use it.

Please explain the grammar of 'as may be'.

He was more loyal than I had guessed.

He's an authority in his field.

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He had been ill for a week when they sent for a doctor.

Why don't you come to the party with us?

Beautiful girls dream of him.

Thanks for doing all this.

Sridharan forgot to send Philip a Christmas card.


Donna made me swear not to tell anyone.

Joseph may change.

Do you still want me to let Jason borrow your bicycle?

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Some parents complained about the nude pictures in their children's textbooks.


I'll give you anything but this.

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The door hinge's creaking is annoying!

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Presley won't be staying much longer.

I'd like to know where I left my umbrella.

We don't have very much time to finish this work.

It was dark green.

Can I speak with Judy?

Janet and Sridharan spoke on the phone.

Fifth Harmony is an amazing girl group.

What beautiful teeth you have!

What sweater do you like more?

I have lost count.

I have a lot of work to do here.


It's for you to choose.

Sandra had to go home early today.

Phosphorus provides nourishment for cyanobacteria (blue algae) which multiply and release toxins.

Why are we running?

He came according to his promise.

All this is, of course, highly suspicious.

This is not Disneyland.


The teacher asked us to clean our classroom every day.

I'm ready and willing, Gilles.

I think Alastair is irresponsible.

Wishing you peace and happiness at Christmas.

Win didn't say a word to me all night.

Is that hard to do?

These days it's important to know how to drive.

Don't thank me!

The payment for the car will be made in 12 monthly installments.

The students bothered the teacher with silly questions.

I think Winnie is ugly.